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 With help from influencers and marketers like you, we are continuously able to develop and improve as a company. We just have a few guidelines to help you create the best content for us and you! Before completing our application below be sure to read our Brand Guidelines which explains in detail about us, typography, mood-board, color palette, influencer marketing and photography. We will always promote creative freedom and new ways to style our designs but let’s make sure the content supports both our brands.

Here are some ongoing list of IG bloggers and other fashionista icons we’ve been so happy to hang with!


Krista Horton | Karla Marquez | Taylor Paul | Kim Caldwell- Harvey | Michelle Nhu | Dorothy Pro and many more!



While we receive numerous request via DM on the gram and via email. This is the best way to get in our ambassador program. We do not determine affiliates by number of followers. We stick with feeds that align well with our brand and audience. Start earning commission from sharing your favorite LITTLE MIA BELLA outfits with your community. 




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